Student assessment

Student assessment includes more than just giving grades and report cards. The students receive guiding feedback on their studies throughout the academic year, and they participate in self-assessment in regard to their own learning.

The aim of the assessment process is

  • to guide and support the student in their learning
  • to support the creation of a positive self-image
  • to develop the student’s self-assessment skills

Student assessment is based on the objectives that are set in the curriculum. This assessment does not appraise the students by comparing them with each other, but instead by comparing their skills and their working and student behaviour with the objectives that are set in the curriculum or in the student's own study program.

In addition to the student continuously receiving guiding feedback, Vantaa students receive two mid-term reviews during the school year. One of the mid-term reviews is done verbally during an assessment meeting with the teacher, the student and their guardian. The second mid-term review is done in writing. Mid-term evaluation periods can be found in the current academic-year school plan, and the written mid-term review is uploaded in the student's Wilma-account.