Student and Study Counselling in Secondary School

Student Counselling as a school subject during years 7 to 9 is the responsibility of the student counsellors. These study-choice related lessons are given to the entire group. In addition to this, each student is entitled to the necessary amount of personal guidance related to education and career choices. Small-group teaching can also be arranged for students.

9th-year students participate in a virtual Corporate Society Day, during which they practice corporate activities and collaboration. In addition to this, 9th-year students complete a two-week work-life experience programme (TET). There may also be similar introductory periods of 2 to 5 days for 7th and 8th-year students.

At the end of basic education, the student counsellor, in co-operation with the teachers, supports and guides the students in making their further-education choices as well as in making the joint application. With the support of the student counsellor and the guardians, the students make their education and career choices on the basis of their own abilities and interests. Guardians play an important role when these choices are considered.