Subjects and Distribution of Lessons

At comprehensive schools, we continue studying the same familiar subjects as earlier, but some subjects are started at a younger age than earlier. For example, physics, chemistry, home economics and social studies are now also studied at primary schools.

New, multidisciplinary learning modules have been added alongside familiar subjects in order to combine various curriculum subjects and to support the student's ability to understand the relations between various phenomena. Each school carries out at least one multi-disciplinary learning module during the academic year.

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Class teachers and subject teachers are primarily responsible for the teaching. Some subjects are taught by itinerant teachers who can teach several student groups at different schools. These teachers include mother-tongue language teachers and RE teachers for smaller groups. It is possible that students may have their mother-tongue language class or small-group RE classes at a different school, but the aim is that the teaching should always be as close to the student's home as possible.