Morning and Afternoon Services for the Disabled

Daytime activities and holiday activities are organized in cooperation with the Intellectual Disability Services. An application for daytime and holiday activities can be submitted to the Disability Social Worker of Intellectual Disability Services in one’s own region.

Daytime activities for students with intellectual disabilities are organized between 7.15 am to 4.15 pm during school days. At schools, daytime activities are carried out by school nurses and school assistants. These activities observe the events and seasons of the year and the school calendar. Each child participates in these activities together with other children on the basis of their age, their developmental level and their individual needs. During the day, there are both group as well as individual activities.

During the academic year of 2016-2017, daytime activities are organized at the following schools

  • Jokiniemi School
  • Martinlaakso School
  • Rekolanmäki School
  • Uomarinne School
  • Viertola School

Holiday activities are coordinated in Vantaa between the New Year and the Epiphany, during the winter holiday, and during June to August. Holiday activities are organized at Jokiniemi School and at Uomarinne School, and a fee is charged for leisure-activity supplies and field trips. The application form for holiday activities may be requested from your school.

For more information on daytime and holiday activities for children with disabilities, please see the City of Vantaa website (in Finnish)