In Case of Accidents


Students are insured both at school as well as during school trips. This insurance policy also covers other activities in the curriculum, such as excursions and school camps as well as afternoon activities and school clubs. This insurance policy covers the student’s school journey only when the student travels directly to and from school.


If a student is involved in an accident during school they will receive first aid at school. From there, if necessary, the student is sent to the health-care centre for a check-up, or, in serious cases, they are sent directly to hospital. The expenses of private medical-service providers cannot be reimbursed. Unfortunately, in these cases of school accidents, a child's own medical or private accident insurance does not cover them because the municipality is legally liable for the students, as provided for in the Basic Education Act.

Broken clothes, watches, mobile phones and other items that have been damaged in an accident are not compensated. Only clothing that has had to be cut in connection with medical treatment can be compensated. An accident report is filed even in cases where no medical attention has been required. Glasses are compensated if the accident has required a nurse’s or doctor’s treatment.

Damaged Items

Personal items that are brought to the school are the responsibility of the family. For example, the school does not compensate damaged electronic equipment. If the damage to personal property is caused by another student, the matter can be investigated by the school, but the damages remain the liability of that student's family. Such situations are often difficult to clarify and may evoke strong emotions. Therefore, it is recommended that expensive items are not brought to school when not necessary.