School Meals

Every day, the school provides the student with a free meal. The purpose of the school lunch is to offer the student a complete and tasty meal that meets nutritional recommendations. It is the responsibility of both those who are enjoying their lunch as well as the lunch supervisors that school lunches are pleasant and peaceful mealtimes that are afforded enough time. School meals are an integral part of the school education and teaching activities.

Special Diets

If a child has a special diet due to allergies or any other reasons, the parents must submit a Special Meal Request form to the school-kitchen supervisor.

School Food Advisory Group

Several schools in Vantaa have School Food Advisory Groups that include students from different years, school-staff representatives, a representative of the kitchen, and a nurse. Through these advisory groups, students have the opportunity to have their say in regard to school meals and eating as well as school-events themes. School staff and the representative of the kitchen can provide additional information on the School Food Advisory Group.

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