Growth and School Attendance Support

The student-welfare staff works at schools and their task is to support the well-being of both the school community as well as of the student. YHR is a community well-being work group that includes, in addition to the principal or the deputy principal, the school nurse, the special-needs teacher, the school psychologist and the school welfare officer. Every year, YHR monitors e.g. the classroom atmosphere by using class-specific questionnaires.

If a student needs individual support, a group of multidisciplinary experts is formed. This group always includes the student’s guardians. The work of this group is always confidential, and the cooperation with the guardians is of primary importance. When needed, student-welfare staff are also included.

Every year, the school makes a student-welfare plan, the implementation of which is assessed at the end of the school year. During this assessment, students and parents are consulted in order to develop activities.

Student-welfare staff can be easily reached through Wilma, but also by telephone.

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