Be Heard

Every young person has the right to participate and to make an impact.

You can participate and make an impact, for example, during the Influencer Day or in youth influence groups

  • Youth Council
  • Student Bodies
  • Influencer Groups at Youth Facilities

Additionally, you can vote in youth-council elections, make an initiative, be an arbitrator or an event producer, be part of an association, or plan and complete your own project.

Influencing at Your School

You can run in the Student Council Board election and, consequently, act as a representative of your class. It is a position of trust where you learn to cooperate and to promote common issues. The Student Council Board is supervised by a teacher.

You can make initiatives with your class or with your friends to, e.g., improve comfort at school. Please remember that all ideas that are rationally argued will most certainly be considered!

  • Making an Initiative
  • Support Student Activities
  • Sponsoring‍