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Welcome to Vantaa Vocational College Varia!

Vantaa Vocational College Varia is located within the Helsinki metropolitan area. At Varia, we organize multidisciplinary upper secondary education for both youths and adults. Annual level we have about 6000 students. They have a chance to graduate with one of the 17 different vocational upper secondary qualifications. We have also several vocational examinations, short courses etc.

Varia offers tailor-made educational services to businesses and communities. Our goal is to provide students the basic skills required in the workplace and, as part of this, practical skills acquired from on-the-job learning.

All our basic diplomas include at least 30 ECVET credits on-the-job-learning. Our students also work on assignments for customers all the time and we work actively in co-operation with businesses in the area. The future employers of our students can influence on educational content and can teach know-how according to their business requirements during the on-the-job learning period. According to a comparison by the Department of Education, graduates from Varia have better employment opportunities compared to those from other vocational institutes in the area.

Our students will graduate with a vocational upper secondary qualification according to their own progress plan. Students with a comprehensive school education background graduate, on average, in three years and students with a matriculation examination background graduate in two years. Following basic studies in their own field, our students choose their study path according to their interests. Varia has exchange programs as well as other co-operation with educational institutions and businesses in both Europe and the rest of the world and our international affairs team aims to promote tolerance, knowledge of other cultures in an increasingly global working life.

Studying at Varia

Each student gets their individual study plan at Varia. This plan consists of the identification and recognition of prior learning and helps, thus, the student to organise the studies as efficiently as possible.

Students who have a basic education certificate graduate, on average, in three years. Students who have completed the matriculation examination graduate in two years. Those who have vast working experience in their field of study can graduate even in less than two years depending on their individual study plan.

The students at Varia have their own students’ union, which has a representative when decisions of the vocational education are made in Varia. There are also plenty of student activities and events organised by the students’ union. For example, social services students planned and organised a wellness week for senior citizens.


Our goal is to give students basic skills required in work life and practical skills are best acquired by on-the-job-learning.

All our basic diplomas include on-the-job-learning but also during the study periods at the College, students constantly work on assignments and orders made by real customers.

Excellent employment rates

Varia has vast and diverse co-operation with local companies and other business life representatives. This and the long on-the-job-learning periods help Varia’s students to get easily employed directly after graduation – in 2016 we had the best after-study-employment rates in the Helsinki metropolitan area!

International network

Varia has exchange programs as well as other co-operation with educational institutions and companies all around Europe and also in Asia. Varia’s international programs aim to promote tolerance, knowledge of other cultures, and placement in an increasingly globalising working life. Read more or send e-mail: anu.lahde (at) vantaa.fi

Aviapolis campus

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