A short history


Vantaa Vocational College Varia was established in 1963. Ever since it has changed its name various times until the name settled from VAKES to Varia in 2006. At first there was only around 430 students studying on the Hiekkaharju campus. Today in Hiekkaharju there is around 1500 students and altogether in Varia’s five campuses there studies over 3000 students.

At first, it was only possible to study to the classic handicraft professions like carpenter and sewer. In 1982, however, it became possible to study welding and electrical engineering, and gradually there became more and more fields to study. Currently, we provide training in 17 different vocational training fields varying from vehicle technology to visual design.

In 2010, Varia started providing vocational training to immigrants and in 2018 it became a permanent part of Varia’s educational supply. Finnish language classes are offered for students enrolled at the college to ease the integration with Finnish culture.

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