Our Partners


‍‍Varia has many partners both within the borders of Finland and outside of them. We are constantly expanding our co-operation with the local companies in Vantaa to offer our students excellent working possibilities in actual working life, but also, to provide the work life with experienced and skillful employees.

As the working life becomes more and more globalised, we in Varia value our international connections more. It is important to give our students experiences abroad, so that when they finish their studies, they are prepared for the challenges that globalisation sets on companies and other sectors of work life.

O‍ur main parnerships


Edith Stein Schule, Freiburg – Agriculture, Home Economics, Social Care, Hotel receptionist, Restaurant specialist, Chef / Cook,System gastronomy, Pastry cook

BBZ am Nord Ost See Kanal, Rendsburg – Heating, plumbing and ventilation fitter, Welder-plater, Vehicle mechanic, Vehicle body repairer, social and Health care, Beauty services, ICT -assembler, and Painter

Carl Benz Schule, Gaggenau – Manufacturing mechanics, Industrial mechanics, Toolmakers, Machinists, Mechatronics and Automotive mechatronics

Werner-von-Siemens Schule, Cham – Agricultural Economics, Structural Engineering, Clothing Technology, Electrical Engineering, Color and spatial design, Gastronomy, Healthcare, Home Economics, Wood Technology, Personal care, Metal Technology (Engineering, manufacturing technology), Metal Technology (Metal), Metal Technology III (motor vehicles), Food Business and Administration,

The Netherlands

Deltion College, Zwolle – Social and Healthcare, Social work Nursing and care, Hospitality, Travel services and Tourism, Bakery & Patisserie, Horeca, Aviation Services, Tourism & Recreation, Beauty, Body & Care retail, Business and administration, Fashion, Sport, Security ,Defense, Architecture, Infratechnics, Furnishing, Paint & Application Technology, Automation technology, Electrical, ICT, Installation Technology, Mechatronics, Middle Management Engineering, Operational Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Animation, Gaming & Interactive Design, Artist, Graphic design, Stage builder, Equipment & Audiovisual Production, Sign, Furnishings & Design, Vechicle technology, Transport and logistics, Aeronautical Engineering


La SEPR, premier centre de formation professionnelle, Lyon – Car mechanics and cycle, Florist, Health care, Leather work, Beauty services, Architecture and engineering, Services and trade, Graphic design / graphic industry,Electronic and computing, Art crafts and specific artisan jobs, Youth work and community services, Artisan food trades, Catering and hospitality and Sign.

Lycée Professionel Julien de Balleure, Chalon sur Saône – ICT, Electronics and 3D -plastic handling


Xunta de Galicia - 18 multidisciplinary VET colleges in Galicia - for example Visual Expression, Hairdressing, Social and Health Care, Aircraft Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Construction, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Food Production, Information and Telecommunications Technology, Logistics, Metalwork and Machinery, Property Maintenance Service, Safety and Security, Surface Treatment Technology, Vehicle Technology, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services and Tourism Industry

Education and Mobility, Bilbao and Fuerteventura – A mobility agency; for example waiters, catering, cooks and travel counselors


Escola Secundária de Loulé, Loulé – Visual Expression, Social and Health Care, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Food Production, Information and Telecommunications Technology, Vehicle Technology, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services, Tourism Industry


Galway Technical Institute, Galway – Applied Health & Social Sciences, Art & Design, Business, Computing & Engineering, Fashion, Hairdressing & Beauty, Media, Sports & Recreation


Liepājas Dizaina un mākslas vidusskola, Liepaja – Art & Design, Media, Exhibition builder, Architechture and interior design, Fashion and textile, Restoration builder


Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus, Tartto – ICT, Business and Commerce, Construction and Wood Work, Light Industry, Beauty Servicing and Home Servicing, Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, Food Processing Technology, Industrial Technology, Car Maintenance.

Tallinn School of Service, Tallinn – Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, Food Processing Technology,

Kuresaare ametikool, Kuresaare – Design and handicraft, Building and construction, Information and communication technologies, Motor vehicles, Small craft and boat building, Materials (plastic, wood, metal), Care of the elderly and of disabled adults, Child care, Hair and beauty services, Food processing, Hotel, restaurants and catering, Travel, tourism and leisure, Management and administration

South Korea - Korea Technet

Keimyung College University – Humanities and Social Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Arts and Physical Education

Ajou Motor College, Boryeong – Vehicle Technology and Motor Sports

China – ChiNet-network

Shanghai Electronic Industry School, Shaghai – Electronics and ICT

Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute, Suzhou – Hotel, restaurant and catering

Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Vocational Technology, Suzhou – Metalwork and Machinery, Electrical and Automation Engineering and Vehicle Technology

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