Study programmes in English

Vantaa Vocational College Varia organises vocational upper secondary education for those who have completed basic education syllabus as well as for adults. In addition, Varia offers preparatory education for vocational training for those at the transition point between basic education and upper secondary level, as well as for immigrants. Varia organises also tailor-made educational services to businesses and communities, groups and individuals.

In Varia, you can study and graduate in 17 different fields varying from vehicle technology to tourism industry and security, see all our Study Programmes. There are 17 vocational qualifications with more than 20 different competence areas you can specialise in.

Annually, there are about 4000 students studying at Varia, out of which around 3000 are youths and 1000 adults. The personnel of Varia includes almost 300 teachers and other experts in administration, sanitation, catering, etc.

The teaching is in Finnish mostly, but currently, it is possible to study in English in the following fields:

Aviapolis campus

Rälssitie 13

01530 Vantaa

Hiekkaharju campus

Tennistie 1

01370 Vantaa

Koivukylä campus

Talvikkitie 119

01360 Vantaa

Myyrmäki campus

Ojahaantie 5

01600 Vantaa

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