Restaurant Cook

Vocational qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services, Competence area of Food Services, Cook

You can study Restaurant Cook program at Hiekkaharju campus, Tennistie 1, 01370 Vantaa

Study Programme

The objective of the study program is that the student will be able to work as a cook in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, the study program gives qualifications to work within the industry in several other positions as well.

The main aim of the study program is to give qualifications which enable the holder of the certificate to work as a cook in a restaurant in the Finnish working environments. Vocational upper secondary qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services is composed of vocational units and common units.

Vocational units, for example

  • Working in catering services
  • Preparing lunch dishes
  • Preparing plated dishes

Common units, for example

  • Math
  • Finnish
  • IT

You will study in different study environments - in classroom, at the Varia College restaurant and in different work placements.

Pathway studies at Haaga-Helia

Varia also offers pathway studies to Haaga-Helia where students get the opportunity to complete the first semester of the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in their final year of studies.

Read more about vocational and common units from HERE

Read more about information on qualification from HERE


Qualified cooks will work at á la carte restaurants, staff restaurants, institutional kitchens, banquets and catering services, fast food services and cafes, for example. The employment procentage for the graduates is very good due to very high demand for the professionals in the hospitality industry.

Cost of study

Education in Vantaa Vocational College Varia is free of charge and so is a daily lunch. At the beginning the students are required to purchase uniforms, one for the kitchen and one for the customer service and professional shoes, set of knives and study books. All this adds up to approximately 550 euros.

Further studies

Vocational qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services enables the graduates to apply for further studies at the university of applied sciences or at the university.


Application period is twice a year (November and April). This will be informed in this page and HERE (jatkuva haku).

Due to a very large amount of applications, the first priority is applicants who are permanently living in Finland. Language requirements are fluent English and basic Finnish.

More information

‍For further info please contact:

Aviapolis campus

Rälssitie 13

01530 Vantaa

Hiekkaharju campus

Tennistie 1

01370 Vantaa

Koivukylä campus

Talvikkitie 119

01360 Vantaa

Myyrmäki campus

Ojahaantie 5

01600 Vantaa

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