Joint application

    Spring 2022 joint application for upper secondary education after basic education will take place on February 22 - March 22, 2022. In the joint application, you can apply for a study place at a high school, vocational institution, the new TUVA education (preparatory education for programs leading to an upper secondary qualification), and TELMA training (preparatory training for work and independent life).

    You can participate in joint application, if
  • you have finished comprehensive school
  • you do not yet have a matriculation or vocational qualification, or an academic degree.

High school education provides general education that will give you good facilities for postgraduate studies at universities and higher education institutions. Vantaa high schools’ specialized studies cover sports, the theater, drama, natural sciences, media, music and dance. You can also take the English-language IB Diploma Programme qualification.

Vocational studies aim at a real occupation and workplace, which means that you will have contact with the labor market throughout your studies. Vocational studies provide wide and varied study options. Vantaa Vocational College Varia offers 17 different vocational qualifications on four different campuses.

FAQ about applying upper secondary education