Important Dates

February - March

Feb. 22–March 22, 2022 Joint application

• In the joint application, you can apply for a study place at a high school, vocational institution, the new TUVA education (preparatory education for programs leading to an upper secondary qualification), and TELMA training (preparatory training for work and independent life).

March 22, 2022 Joint application ends. Online applications must be saved in the search system by 15:00.

  • When applying for specialized studies at some high schools, the application forms shall be delivered directly to the educational institution at the latest on March 22, by 15:00. Read more detailed instructions for specialized studies on the high schools’ websites.

April and May

High schools’ special education preliminary tasks / entrance examinations / interviews. Check the information on high schools’ websites.


June 16, 2022 The names of those admitted to high schools and vocational education will be published at the earliest on June 16. Check instructions for accepting a study place on educational institutions’ websites.

June 30, 2022 The last day for accepting a study place.

Read more about Joint Application from FAQ about applying upper secondary education.