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English classes first came to Kaivoksela School in 1993. The English Stream is a part of Kaivoksela School and the English classes work in collaboration with the Finnish classes. The goal of teaching in the English Stream is to achieve functional bilingualism by the end of 6th grade.

A child does not need to know English in order to be accepted to the first grade. For grades 2-6, the applicants need to possess adequate English skills in order to function in an English speaking class. The English language is both the target and the medium of learning. The English classes follow the principle of "one teacher - one language". The class teacher speaks English to the students and the Finnish language is taught by another teacher. The so-called silent period allows students to answer the teacher in Finnish during grade one. Finnish is utilized to support learning especially in grades one and two, as well as in learning concepts in subjects such as science and math. In the upper grades students are required to use English as the primary language of communication with the teachers as well as their peers in all classroom work. Learning is achieved by active observation and first-hand experiences. Language learning is an ever present component of each lesson, and the students are encouraged to use English for communication, self-expression and information retrieval.

Kaivoksela School’s curriculum for English supplements the Finnish national curriculum for English as a foreign language. English teaching is based on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). English is learned through social interaction. In this way, the English language is primarily a tool for teaching. Learning English is not limited to English language and literature lessons, but happens during all lessons in which English is the medium of instruction. All the subjects are usually taught in English. Possible exceptions to this might be in the arts and crafts subjects or religion, due to the school’s internal organization.

Cooperation between home and school, as well as the participation of parents in the activities of the English Stream, are encouraged. There is an active parents’ board for the English stream classes.

Kaivoksela School Entrance Examination

In order to attend the English classes of Kaivoksela school, a prospective student must pass an entrance examination. For the first grade, the exam tests the child’s language awareness skills. The test can be taken either in Finnish or in English. This means that the child does not need to know English as such in order to be accepted to the first grade. It is recommended that the child takes the test in the language that is stronger for them. There are no extra points for taking the test in English.

Application process for Kaivoksela School’s English 1st grade in short in 2020:

  • register your child to first grade through Wilma by January 24th 2020
  • return application (see link on the left) for the English classes to the school by January 17th 2020
  • information evening about studying in the English classes at the school on Thursday, January 16th 2020 at 18.00
  • Language Readiness Assessment at the school on Wednesday, February 5th 2020
  • Decisions about placements will be emailed on Friday, February 14th 2020

For grades 2-6 students can be accepted to the classes if there is room. Students from Vantaa take priority. The prospective students need to show enough English skills to be accepted into the class. For grades 2-6, the exam tests the child’s English skills (reading, writing, speaking, comprehension) appropriate to their grade level. The child needs to pass the different parts in order to be able to function in an English speaking class-room.

An application for the English first grade in Kaivoksela School and an application for grades 2-6 can be found in the links (on the left). Send the application to the following address or the school secretary

More information:, 0400 651 134

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