Rika Aoyama-Hunt

I teach Japanese language courses and Japanese cooking courses. I have taught Japanese at Vantaan aikuisopisto since 2004.

My main aims of teaching are to make learning Japanese as fun as possible and for pupils to be able to comprehend it as easy as possible. I myself had a similar situation for number of years (learning foreign languages in a group), I know it can be a quite threatening situation to sit in a class with total strangers and study a foreign language together. So I know it’s a very important role as teacher to form a very relaxing and interactive relationship with pupils and to create such an atmosphere that pupils feel free to express themselves and to communicate with each other.

Also, I usually try to talk during the class about my country in different aspects, including their culture, ordinary people’s way of life, the differences between Finnish and Japanese and so on. Because I was born and raised in Japan, I can tell my pupils some “behind the scenes” stuff of Japan and Japanese of which pupils seem to be eager to hear.

I have been enjoying this privilege of teaching Japanese here in Vantaa, Finland for almost 14 years. Through these years of teaching, I myself have also learnt a lot. I sincerely hope that I could help my pupils a little bit to understand our way of thinking and the sense of values as well as the language of Japanese.

Besides teaching, I enjoy practicing one of Japanese martial arts called Aikido. I also love traveling and meeting people of many different countries.‍

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puh. 09 8392 4342, aikuisopisto@vantaa.fi

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