A letter to students and guardians of Vantaa Music Institute 9.8.2021

A letter to students and guardians of Vantaa Music Institute 9.8.2021

Welcome to start the new school year 2021-2022!

Teaching starts on Monday 16.8. as contact instruction without restrictions. Also all group teaching and music playschool for under three year olds starts as contact instruction.

• The use of face masks is recommended for students over 12 years according to recommendations given by THL.

• A safety distance of two meters must be kept during lessons.

Teacher will contact you 11.-13.8. and you can book the time for individual lesson. Before booking the individual lesson, please make sure in which orchestra and Music perception (music theory) group you are in. You can find the information from Eepos.

Studies in Music perception and collective music

You can see the time of your group in the Current Studies section by logging into Eepos.

Studies in Music perception (music theory) belongs to all students in basic education from the age of 10. If the time does not fit or the student who has reached the age of 10 does not have a study, please contact after 11th August:

Studies in Music perception at Patotie sanna.haapasalohalm@vantaa.fiy

Studies in Music perception at Orvokkitie eetu.ranta-aho@vantaa.fi

The updated curriculum allows students under the age of 10 to participate in music skill training groups. It supports starting instrumental studies. The options are the Minit Choir or the Music Keys group. Inquiries and registrations sari.j.laakso@vantaa.fi

New Curriculum for Basic Education in the Arts in Vantaa Music institute

From autumn semester 2021 onwards is all education in Vantaa music institute based on a new curriculum in the arts. Teacher will guide the students in issues related to new curriculum. Successful studies may continue as before, whereas new curriculum enables the enrichment of the study path in the direction of students interests, as well. Central changes in curriculum compared to previous are:

• Student is expected to take part in planning of his or her own study path at a higher rate than before. Together with the teacher student discusses how to build his or her own study modules and quality of studies according to personal interests and goals.

• Student proceeds in the studies from one level to another. Goals are set according to students’ personal acquirements.

• As before, the studies include individual singing or instrument lessons as well as group studies. Also music perception studies (music theory) belong into every students annual studies. All these studies are included in tuition.

• The students will start music perception studies approximately at the age of ten. Before that they can participate in music skill training groups. These include Music key –groups that prepare the students to future music perception studies. Other possible groups are Finnish children´s choir Minit as well as Swedish children´s choirs Djungelkören and Äventyrskören.

• Instead of previously required exams students go through several skill levels. They include Instrumental part where student sings or plays an instrument. Instrumental part is evaluated in relation to students personal goals emphasizing students strengths.

• Numerical evaluation is abandoned. Instead, the evaluation is written or verbal qualitative assessment. Emphasis is placed on continuous evaluation within studies. The student and guardians can follow the progress as well as the evaluation of the studies in Eepos.

• Advanced studies study modules are built with students personal interests in mind. The idea is to offer student a possibility to choose modules according to his or her interests and goals. Study modules in advanced studies are: solo instrument, two instruments, group music, music theatre and music maker modules.

VMO loan instrument

The loan periods for most instruments expire during August. Please remember to return the instrument to Patotie 2 at the end of the loan period on weekdays from 1 pm to 8 pm.

If you would like to continue your loan, please contact your own teacher after 11th August.

Monna Relander, principal
Kimmo Kola, vice-principal
Ulla Hairo-Lax, vice-principal

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