Announcement to students and guardians 24.3.2020

Eepos remote teaching link

Eepos sends a remote teaching link to the e-mail addresses that users have given to Vantaa Music Institute. If you want to change your settings, please log in to Eepos and refresh your e-mail information. In that way students who participate in lessons can have remote teaching links to proper e-mail addresses.

Eepos log in and passwords

Vantaa Music Institute has sent Eepos username and password to all students. If you have forgotten your password, primarily use the function to reset your password. If you can’t reset your password or if you don’t remember your username, please send an e-mail to and we will send you a new password.

NOTICE! Remember to write the student’s name and date of birth in the message.

Academic year 2020–2021 Registering for/ending your studies

This week we will send you a link to all e-mail addresses that have been given to Vantaa Music Institute. A guardian or a student who have come to the age of 18 must fill this form to let us know if you continue or end your studies 2020-21. Remember to make your registration in time so that your studies can continue next academic year.

Eepos-app now available!

You can download a free Eepos-app from Android and iOS app stores.


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