Graphic Designer's Adventures in Galway, Ireland

Our third-year graphic design student, Hilja, did her internship in Galway, Ireland. Here is what she had to say about her adventures and international internships:

Why should you do an international internship?
"You really do get a lot out of the experience! When you go abroad, you get to learn more about a different culture! You get to explore a different country! You also get to improve your language skills, by actually using the language! I personally had already been using English in my day-to-day life, so I didn't improve that much, but it can be a great opportunity for those who don't! I also love traveling, so this was super great. When you do an internship, you're already going to a new place, so it isn't too much of a push to also go to a new country. This was honestly such a great opportunity! It would be a shame to pass something like this up. So if you have the chance, then definitely do it!"

What are some differences in the work cultures?
"I don't have a lot of experience in Finnish work culture yet, so I can't say for sure... But people were quite chatty around the office, which I'm assuming isn't the case in most Finnish office spaces."

How do the methods, materials, and equipment differ from Finnish ones?
"I honestly think that they're quite similar. Most of the people used the Adobe programs and Mac computers, which we use at school. One thing that I noticed is that everyone had a lot of different programs open at the same time, which lead to a messier desktop."

General tips for others going abroad for an internship
"Have fun! Embrace the foreign culture and get used to the everyday life! Don't stress too much about stuff, but stress enough to be somewhat prepared! People are generally willing to help! Keep some sort of journal with you to write about the things you've done throughout the day. I wrote this blog, but I've also sketched a lot in my sketchbook. Some sketches are related to what I've done but sometimes I would just sketch random stuff, but even those would remind me of Galway when I look at them again."

Check out also Hilja's awesome travel blog:

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